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Compusoft System …

Is a software development firm focused in the implementation of programs tailored for PC and Mobile ... is also active in the field of web and offer a full range of services for the construction and dynamic web hosting.Compusoft System provides standard software in IT and management.  Compusoft System has expertise around the computer and can assist you in your projects (data acquisition, interfaces etc..).

Compusoft System can also provide computer accessories and you install your network and provides maintenance and support, also installs your Voip phone and camera surveillance. Informaticians Compusoft System are able to understand your language and  are listening to your needs.Our computer help you clarify your needs and prepare you for a specification that will serve as the basis for your project. It goes without saying that this reflection may also include organizational aspects of your business.We make your PC, Internet and e-commerce applications based on your specifications, or that we have developed for you. We develop for Windows with Object oriented tools, preferably C #, VB.NET, JAVA or the most popular tools such as Access, MYSQL, ORACLE or SQL Server .Compusoft System Develops mobile applications for Smartphone (Input, Pub etc.).